Are you interested in giving gliding a try?

Then the Gliding Club of WA is definitely the place for you!

Come and experience a glider flight for yourself or gift a friend or relative a unique experience. Book an AEF with one of our experienced pilots and see how easy and enjoyable flying can be. Gliding is for young and old alike – come and have a go and see for yourself!

You’ll have a 20>30-minute flight in one of the club’s two-seat gliders (we have 3 to choose from) during which time you will be able to learn the basic control method and have a go yourself – or not, entirely your choice.

Your AEF flight will entitle you to take an additional 9 flights in the 30 days following your initial flight at Member rates. It is a great way to “try before you buy” and we recommend anyone thinking of joining and learning to fly avail themselves of this introductory period.

Please have a read of the T & C’s below and, if you find everything acceptable, you will be able to purchase an AEF Voucher from our store page immediately after.

Air Experience Flight Terms & Conditions

  • Flights are available year-round, weather permitting. For safety and passenger comfort reasons we may choose not to fly passenger flights on days with a forecast temperature exceeding 36°C, or on days with heavy rain and/or strong winds forecast.
    • Please contact the club on 0417 992 806 before departing for the airfield to confirm that conditions are suitable for flying.
  • For passengers and pilots there is a maximum weight limit of 110kg – this is the legal maximum rating for the glider harnesses and cannot be exceeded. If the passenger weight is between 100kg and 110kg, please let us know in advance so we can arrange for one of our lighter pilots to take the flight to ensure the glider’s balance is not affected.
  • AEF passengers must be fit and able enough to get into and out of the glider with minimal assistance and be prepared to sign a personal health declaration and disclaimer prior to being allowed to fly.
  • Passengers under the age of 18 require signed parental or guardian consent before flying. If a parent or guardian will not be accompanying the passenger to the airfield on the day, then please fill out the Consent Form available here and forward to
  • If a flight ends after an unusually short time, for instance being forced to land because of weather conditions or other safety considerations, the club may, in its sole discretion, choose to offer a second flight with a launch to 2000ft, free of charge and to the same passenger only.
  • Flights may be extended, conditions permitting, at the discretion of the pilot if requested by the passenger. Additional time beyond the included 20>30 minutes will be charged at the glider minute charge, and payment is to be settled before departing the airfield on the day.
    • Flight extensions may not be possible on the day, due to weather conditions or glider demand, and cannot be booked in advance. Please discuss with the pilot prior to flying.
  • The charged rate for an AEF includes a required temporary membership with the Gliding Federation of Australia (gliding’s regulatory body in Australia). If a passenger elects to take any subsequent flights within the 30-day membership period, the flights will be charged at club member rates.
  • Refunds are only possible in exceptional circumstances; however the date of booked flights may be altered upon request with reasonable notice.
If you believe you are ready purchase a flight right now using the link below!

For any further queries, please contact the GCWA Publicity Officer on 0409 683 159 or via email at