• Come and experience a glider flight for yourself or gift a friend or relative a unique experience. Book an AEF with one of our experienced pilots and see how easy and enjoyable flying can be. Gliding is for young and old alike - come and have a go and see for yourself! You'll have a 20 to 30-minute flight in one of the club's two-seat gliders (we have 3 to choose from) during which time you will be able to learn the basic control method and have a go yourself – or not, entirely your choice. Please read through the terms and conditions in the detailed description below. Your AEF Gift Voucher will be attached as a full-colour A4 PDF file and sent via email along with your order confirmation once payment has been processed.  You are then able to fill it out and post or email to the person you are gifting. Please make sure all fields are filled out so that the voucher is valid.


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